FBCCI Delegation Meets Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

It was a wonderful feeling to have the opportunity to call on Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as an elected director of FBCCI, the apex business body of Bangladesh. Bangabandhu as inspiration and foundation for humanity we extended our gratitude for her commendable leadership on structured school of thought for sustainable and peaceful development while in government as well as in opposition over the decades. We thanked her for the trajectory Bangladesh is heading on socio-economic fronts under her vision and leadership; women empowerment, social safety nets, food security, energy and power sector development and diversification, economic zones authority, being a middle income country, steady growth rate, lowering inflation, diversifying export basket, moving towards quaternary economy and her service to our Nation over the decades.

Furthermore, we shared concerns about extraordinary trade license fee hike for businesses, high cost of capital, hike in captive power generation and energy tariff and other relevant issues that might be road blocks to her vision 2021 and onwards for a sustainably developed Bangladesh. While she urged the importance of government revenue for various developments that lead us to reach middle income status and a model of sustainable growth, she will look into the small and medium business trade license fee structure, look into bringing interest rate to single digit, as energy was subsidised while oil price was high in the international market it created a liability on the government of Taka 38,000 crore however due to fall in oil price Taka 8000 crore has been paid off and the remaining subsidised amount will be paid off to ensure strong financial management of our economy.

Moreover acknowledging the list of challenges of business community have decreased substantially from earlier days due to her regime’s business friendly pragmatic policies but reality will always present us with new challenges; being an empathetic leader she ensured us to sort out any challenges to support for diversifying enterprises generating employment and creating vast product base for domestic and international market while stressing the responsibilities of businesses for taxes, duties, vats etc as these are deposits for short and long term developments of Bangladesh which yield results under Bangladesh Awami League lead governments evident in most indicators in contrast to BNP, Jamaat, Jatiyo Party regimes and capital flights.

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