Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman


December 16, 2014:

May we as Sovereign be blessed for generations on this 16 December, 2014. We are indebted and salute all those champions of humanity that contributed to our Nation since 1948.

Circa 1948 till 1971, under Awami League we came a long way through democratically evolved leadership while establishing political positions against the Pakistani juntas and contemporaries. Bangabandhu’s leadership achieved moral and legal mandate through language movement, jukto front election, six point movement, non-cooperation movement, 1969 student movement, 1970 election, building allies around the world and sovereignty.

Those who were against our struggle for humanity in 1971 and lost, were also the terrorists of 15 August, 1975 and structured the deviations of Bangladesh’s direction with their sleeper agents and new recruits while a section who were not the foot soldiers rationalized all the terrorism and unconstitutional measures. All those pre-independence Awami league contemporaries and oppositions including Jamaat E Nizami, Jamaat E Islam, PDP, NAP, Mulsim League after the war rebranded themselves as opposing parties and fronts against the Independence leading political party, Bangladesh Awami League.

No political party ever could establish to the constituents that Awami League’s political visions or programs were not for the majority. The organization grew for the have nots, it’s policiies have been for the majority, it’s focus has been on institutional rule and because of this it lives on through its delivery rather then rhetorics.

In contrast, opposing camps politics is evident of bigotry rather then policy, terrorism rather then rule of law, social and economic exclusivity rather then inclusivity and clientalism rather the nationalism.

May our future generations’ build themselves on the values of humanity, lessons of our failures and humility of our achievements. Long live the values Bangladesh has evolved on and reach the heights Almighty bless and guide us to.