Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina


February 08, 2015:

Bangladesh Awami League is in the right track with clear legal and moral mandate. BNP started making wrong choices ever since Ms.Zia’s son got involved disrespectfully ignoring the generational placements within the party and bringing it to current standing.

As in society, in political parties individuals are not replaced, they evolve. Newer generations learn from the wiser ones and continue the responsibilities building on heritage, limitations, strengths and innovations. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has curved out her place in constituents hearts and minds not by replacing Bangabandhu but by giving continuity to his contributions to humanity; the prerequisite for such transition and heritage is governed by belief in systematic body of concept for human life and terrorism has no place in it.

The crimes against humanity we are experiencing for the last one month would not have continued if very few self proclaimed civil elitists’ refrained from justifying the terrorism. These individuals are maximizing their prospect if in case wishful thinking gets materialized they might be part of the unlawful new formation. After September 11, 2001 in the US, directives were sent out not to rationalize terrorism in debates or write ups allowing space for the terrorists as such actions would be considered unpatriotic and everybody complied without complain because as Americans it was the patriotic thing to do. Even though we are not following similar precedence terrorism is being averted and will be eliminated and Bangladesh will rise above and beyond set targets.