The journey begins : The future plans of FBCCI


• FBCCI will establish Economic Institute for Economic Policy Planning and Design; it is set to provide Economic Policy Planning and Design; on Trade and Economic issues taking into account behavioral economics. Institute’s knowledge partner is Jacobs & Cordova, the global authority on policy planning and design.
• FBCCI Arbitration center-is being set up for commercial ADR to help the businessmen to settle their disputes (domestic and international) with a vision to create a trade facilitation eco-system and to minimize cost and time period in dispute resolution.

• Establishment of “FBCCI Institute for Technical Vocation Education and Training” to conduct demand driven skill set for a diversified economic human resource.
• FBCCI International University will be established – with a emphasis on the delivery of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and creating a skill set for better addressing the interest of innovation and 4th industrial revolution necessary for our transitioning economy.