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February 24, 2015:

Some people even manage to taint civility. Self proclaimed elitists advises the constituents of transparency and democracy but for themselves do not have a transparent methodology of operation, they resort to crime against the State, they deflect terrorism by rationalizing it, and mislead us for self serving interests by unlawful and undemocratic means. This does not only constitute Mahmudur Rahman Manna, as in his now public conversation of violating Article 7 of our Constitution he mentions a lawyer being with him and a think tank’s non-committal role as the oppossing position lacks consensus. Recently the patriarch of that think tank’ wrote an opinion deflecting terrorism also. This mirrors Manna’s plan to build premise by killing some innocent students at Dhaka University and hold supposed peace and dialogue rally with Sadek Hossain Khoka’s support. Because of the groups’ lack of political prowess and recurring terrorism executed by less credible players, their expected result will not see the day of light. Specially, as our State’s institutions’ have more integrity and structure then ever before.

Our majorities’ conviction in collective good is far greater than self serving interest of few. Earlier our Constitution have been violated without article of accountability. However, in current Constitution, Article 7 stipulates highest punishment for treason and Article 35 closes the door of any retrospective effect. That is crimes committed at the time will be litigated by the law of the land of that time. If not today then tomorrow. As a country, diverse industries are serving our great Nation by contributing in tangible and verifiable manners. All the indicators suggest we are moving ahead. And two aspects of these developments are exclusive to Bangladesh; unlike other Nations’ of growing GDP, our wealth distribution is not top heavy and around 45 million children are enrolled in schools today from 22 million in 2008. In the gap between rich and poor the economic week section are rising thus creating a growing middle class which would be the backbone of our democracy. Furthermore, rural students access to education irrespective of social standing have increased their participation in schooling many among whom will led us in innovation, science, culture, economy, government and philosophy.

With the exception of a handfuls’ blatant disregard for our judiciary, parliament, executive and Constitution in the facade of civility, the majority of Bangladesh is patriotic irrespective of color, creed, religion or race and that is the core of our driving force. The greater constituents’ conviction to our Sovereign is not deflected by self serving interests to compromise National interest. The think tanks, platforms and/or the individuals’ organizations which are self proclaimed civil elitists themselves lack transparency, their mode of operation are secretive, their leadership are top heavy cult like dictatorial, they can talk about every matters but intolerant if rebuttals go their way and thus they do not practice what they preach and there is nothing civil about likes of Manna, the lawyer or the think tank he mentions who are party to see deaths of innocent countrymen for the groups’ self serving interests by unlawful and undemocratic means.